Water Extracted

Chemical Free CBD

The Cleanest CBD on The Market

Today, almost all CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using dangerous chemicals, it is especially bad if the chemicals are not removed from the oil after extraction.

Heartland focuses on using simple, scalable extraction methods with the most natural forces on earth: Water and Pressure.

Solventless Extraction

Most CBD companies have transitioned old, out dated chemical extraction methods from other industries. These practices can be dangerous for the production facilities and dangerous for consumers.

There needs to be a new approach to this problem, using simple, natural extraction methods. Heartland is focused on using Water and Pressure over time to provide the purest extractions on earth.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Medicinal compounds require the highest level of purity, and usually go through countless processes to get approved for consumer usage. Your CBD should be no different.

Heartland focuses on the highest quality extraction without using any traditional chemical agents. This allows us to provide higher quality product at a lower price.

Commodity Production

CBD is a commodity, and the provider who can produce the most pure product at the cheapest price will win. Small batch, chemical processes are not a scalable or suitable future for CBD.

Understanding the future needs of the market, Heartland has designed our extraction technology to use Water and Pressure, over time, to scale up our production to as much as 100,000 pounds of Hemp flower daily.

Heartland Produces The Purest CBD On The Market Using No Solvents, Inert Gasses, or Reagents

Producing CBD Distillate & Isolate

CBD is extracted from the plant as a crude distillate, then filtered into the specific format for client needs. These products can be shipped to clients in 55 gallon containers for bottling, or bottled locally at our facilities.


Full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate for formulating into bottles and distributing across the United States.


Pharmaceutical grade CBD for medicinal capsules or tablets based on client needs.

More Pure, Less Cost.

Now Accepting Orders From CBD Distributors, End-Product Manufacturers, and Retail Locations

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